Hi Readers,

So whoever follows my work knows just how much I love our Mother Earth and how I keep looking for and appreciating individuals and organizations that go the extra mile to protect our lovely planet.

As a connoisseur of skin care products I always go for sustainable packaging options to reduce waste and carbon footprint. Unfortunately, since I have moved to India I have not come across much brands that are manufacturing skin care products for a cause and giving back to our planet.

It is a fact that more than 20 Million pounds Of Plastic waste is dumped yearly into oceans. I so wish we could stop this right away. I therefore always make an effort to add value wherever I can by saying no to plastic.

One of the only brands I came across recently and immediately fell in love with is Bella Vita Organic. During my search for a lip scrub balm on amazon to fight of my chapped and dry lips I came across a product called NicoLips which claimed to packed in an eco friendly glass packaging and also claimed it would lighten my dark lips caused by my love for smoking shishas in 4 weeks.

Finding it to be too good to be true, I Ordered it immediately and below is what I saw when I received my parcel.

Jute Bag

Unlike paper boxes that are used as covers for cosmetics this product was packed in a cute little reusable jute pouch. I fell in love with it instantly and now use it to keep my junk jewelry.

NicoLips Opened

So they are indeed true to their word. The Lip Balm was filled in a sturdy glass jar with a seal and the black cap with the brand’s name embossed on it.

Close Up Of Cap and Plug

Both the cap and the plastic seal had a bit of a dull look to them and that made me think of calling them up and asking them about their claims of sustainable packaging. On speaking to the their team I was informed that the cap and the seal plug were both made of recycled plastic therefore it will always have a little dullness as compared to the plastic caps used by other skin care brands which are usually made from fresh plastic and are imported from China.

I am Awestruck by the intent of the team and management of Bella Vita Organic and on further research also found that most of their skin care products are packaged in glass containers. They are also looking for alternatives to package their shampoos and conditioners in eco friendly containers as glass are not safe to be used in bathing products.

I wish more brands adopt, Bella Vita Organic’s policy of using natural and eco friendly sustainable cosmetic packaging.

I will from here support this brand with my loyalty and you should also give this a try.

NicoLips turned out to be an amazon lip balm scrub and has helped get rid of my chapped, dry and dark lips in about a month.