Who does not desire luscious plump lips? But given our current lifestyle, dark lips are now a common concern with most men and women. Skin on lips is a lot delicate than facial skin, therefore requires extra care. But before focusing on the natural remedies for addressing this growing issue, it is important to understand its causes.


Dark Lips, Pigmentation and Premature Ageing of Lips :-

1) Caffeine Consumption –

Caffeine found in tea and coffee is a diuretic that leads to excess water loss from body. This affects delicate skin on lips, making them dry and dark.

2) Hot Drink Burns –

Hot beverages often lead to subtle burns on lips without you realizing. Damage caused by hot beverages leave lips dark, dry and chapped.

3)  Dehydration –

Not drinking enough water, dehydrates affects skin, leading to several skin issues like dark circles, wrinkles, flaky skin, dullness, pigmentation spots and dark chapped lips.

4)  Smoking Cigarettes / Shisha/ Vapes –lip lightening treatment

Excessive smoking is one of the major causes of dark lips. Nicotine and tar transfer during inhalation of cigarette smoke causes constriction of blood vessels. Continuous build-up and reduced blood transfer leads to Lip Lightening Cream For Smokers.

5)  Medications –

Certain medications can cause change in skin color, especially lips.  Some of these drugs leads to development of dark spots on lips due to hyper-pigmentation.

6)  Vitamin Deficiency –

Deficiency of vitamins, particularly of vitamin B12 often leads to dark chapped lips. Taking proper balanced diet might improve the texture of Lip Lightening Scrub In India

8)  Chemical Lip Colors and Lipsticks –

Make-up products like lipsticks are known to be loaded with chemicals like- heavy metals (Lead), synthetic fragrance, harmful preservatives (Parabens), synthetic dyes/ pigments. These chemicals damage delicate lips and make them dull and dark. Many people often experience severe dryness after the use of lipsticks.

9)  Lip Licking  –

Body naturally releases saliva which is loaded with strong digestive enzymes. Licking of lips often leads to dry lips claim dermatologists. Strong enzymes in saliva damages delicate skin on lips and make them dry and dark.

10)  Sun Tan –

Exposure to sun often damages lips making them look dark and dehydrated. UV rays are more damaging to delicate skin on lips than facial skin. Sun-tan caused by prolonged sun exposure leads to hyper-pigmentation of delicate skin on Lip Lightening Cream For Dark Lips


Skin on lips is a lot delicate than rest of our facial skin, therefore it needs extra care and attention. One needs to take balanced diet and follow a proper lip care routine in order to maintain luscious pink lips. Routine exfoliation and maintaining proper hydration level often brings about positive change.

Exfoliation, Hydration & Sun Protect –

Routine exfoliation helps to remove dull, dark dead skin on lips while proper hydration makes them look soft and supple.  

Exfoliation can be done with various lip scrubs available in the market although we came across a highly effective scrub and balm called NicoLips, which is currently swaying the market with its patented formula and natural ingredients.

Here are the ingredients present in NicoLips and how they help: –

1) Kojic Acid – Often derived from natural sources, Kojic acid is widely used in beauty products as a skin lightening agent. its capabilities inhibit melanin production and promote quick cell regeneration leading to the development of new healthy skin layer.
2) Natural Moisturizing Oils & Butters– Contains nourishing vegan butters like Shea Butter, Mango Butter, Cocoa Butter and oils like- Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Argan Oil and Grapeseed Oil . These ingredients are rich in vitamins (A, E) and fatty acids, therefore helps in repairing dry, chapped Lip Lightening Scrub.
3) Glycerin – Glycerin is an excellent occlusive agent i.e. it locks in moisture and prevents dehydration of delicate lip skin. It makes lips soft and supple.
4) Oats Powder Grit – Oat powder grits are excellent exfoliating grits. They are very mild and do not irritate delicate skin on lips unlike other chemical based exfoliants.
5) Micronized Titanium Oxide & Zinc Oxide –These two ingredients provide broad spectrum protection against UV rays.

6) Aloe Vera Gel – Aloe Vera is rich in vitamins and anti-oxidants. Being an excellent moisturizing agent, it repairsdry chapped lips. It also soothes sunburns and irritated skin. Rich in vitamins, it improves overall skin texture.

7) Beeswax – Beeswax contains natural emulsifiers, which help in retaining moisture in the skin. It helps to heal dry, chapped lips and forms a protective film on lips to prevent further moisture loss.

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