PapyBlem – Pigmentation Blemish Removal Face Pack

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papaya pack
  • Papaya Aloe Face Pack is an Anti-Blemish & Pigmentation Face Pack
  • Packed with the goodness of bentonite clay it deep cleanses skin pores and let your skin breath
  • This face pack also detoxifies & purifies skin by removing toxins & harmful pollutants
  • Papaya & Saffron helps to lighten pigmentation & blemishes while Aloe Vera, Vit
  • E repairs skin damage
  • Overall a powerful face pack that prepares your skin to face the harsh urban environment
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Bursting the Myth :Popular Beauty Myth- Clay Face Packs Are Not For People With Dry Skin. It Over Dries Dry Skin Making It Flaky. However, Truth is Clay Mask Works Amazingly Well On Dry Skin When Used Correctly
Types of Skin Blemishes/ Pigmentation Issues: Papaya Aloe Face Pack acts against following skin issues:

  • Acne/ Pimple Scar: Pigmentation spots as a result of healed acne/ pimple wounds
  • Sun Spots: Pigmentation Spots due to over-exposure to sun
  • Freckles: Pigmentation issues due to clusters of concentrated melaninized cells
  • Age Spots: Pigmentation issues as a result of ageing
  • Blackheads: Clogged skin pores
  • Pigmentation issues due to Dryness
  • Lack of Proper Skin Care Routine

Product Benefits:

  • Lightens Blemishes & Pigmentation Spots
  • Brightens Skin Tone
  • Unclogs & Deep Cleanses Skin Pores
  • Reduces Acne/ Pimples
  • Detoxifies Skin- Removes Toxins & Harmful Pollutants
  • Controls Oil Production & Absorbs Excess Oil
  • Removes Blackheads & Whiteheads
  • Mildly Exfoliates Dark Dead Skin

Right Way To Use Clay Face Packs On Dry Skin

    Apply thin layer of face pack and remove the pack once it starts drying
  • To avoid over-drying don’t let the face pack to dry completely
  • Follow up with a light moisturizer if need be
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