Rose Fairness Face Scrub For Women & Men Sensitive Skin

Rose & Osmanthus Fairness, Brightening, Whitening, Exfoliating, Cleansing Face Scrub For Women & Men by Bella Vita Organic


With the power of Rose, Coolness of Osmanthus & Purity of Saffron, This Detan face gel scrub with real Pomegranate grit is an ideal cleanser and exfoliator for both men and women.

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Radiance, Glow & Shine will come naturally to your skin with this wondrous face scrub rich in natural ingredients and flower extracts. Use this skin brightening face gel scrub thrice a week to experience the following benefits with these naturally powerful ingredients:-

🌿Rose – Brightens The Skin

🌿Papaya – Helps in Blemishes & Pigmentation Removal

🌿Saffron – Best For Skin Fairness & Brightening

🌿Calendula – Heals Redness, Acne & Sunburn

🌿Jasmine – For Even Skin Tone

🌿Daisy – Prevents Hyperpigmentation

🌿Orchid – Creates Smooth Skin Texture

🌿Basil – Anti Wrinkle Properties

🌿Chamomile – Relaxes & Calms The Skin

🌿Walnut Grit – Deeply Exfoliates & Removes Dirt

🌿Lotus – Full of Vitamin C, Brightens & Nourishes The Skin

🌿Aloe Vera – All Around Skin Care

🌿Rosemary – Anti Ageing & Reverse Cell Damage To Skin

🌿Osmanthus – Cleanses Skin From Bacteria, Chemicals, Dirt & Other Toxins

Step 1. Damp your face with water
Step 2. Apply desired quantity of gel scrub on your face.
Step 3. Massage in circular motion to exfoliate and cleanse for 1 minute.
Step 4. Let it be applied for another 1 minute.
Step 5. Wash face with clean water
Step 6. Enjoy the radiance and glow

10 reviews for Rose Fairness Face Scrub For Women & Men Sensitive Skin

  1. Akki

    Awesome product which comes with a good packing and good quality of material it is value for money cream. It is also useful for anyone. Anyone can easily use it and you will definitely get good results on your face. Thanks for building good quality product. 🙂

  2. Uday Shekhavat

    These products are Bomb 🌼 So I recently tried the Rose face scrub and I’m completely in love with the it! Just opening the package left a smile on my face as it was so beautifully packaged yet very sustainably parcelled. They used Jute bags and glass bottles which can be Reused | Recycled | Upcycled. Just opening the product bottles flooded the room with the aroma of rose. The scrub gently cleanses the face and removes dead skin and the crème really does provide a glow to one’s face. The company uses the best quality ingredients and it’s seen in the products. 🌺🌼🌸 Also I love how sustainable and environment conscious they are. More power to you! 🌼 Thanks for building such an great quality products.

  3. Debasish M.

    I used it in the morning twice in a week, after using it feeling fresh, maintain oil balance face skin, after scrubbing it feels like deeply cleans my skin and moisture also. 😍 Helpful for sensitive skin. Really a good product Thank you Bella Vita (y)

  4. Priya Sarkar

    Great product by Bella Vita, I have a very sensitive skin but it suits me. Highly recommendable to others for sensitive skin and natural products 🙂

  5. Arpita Mallick

    Must try scrub….you will see a great difference in your skin and glow also. (y)

  6. Sachin Paul

    Highly recommended to buy… This product is awesome.its smell is lovable…my mother use it and it show result in 2 days..it’s awesome..there is no side affect of this .it’s suitable for every skin .. 🥰

  7. Ramgopal

    I’ve only used it twice but I can already tell a difference. My skin has been disgusting and dry and discolored and just all around horrible. It is already better and glowing even. Idk what it does but it works. (y)

  8. BOBIN

    One of my favorite fairness gel ! The quality of this product is outstanding 💯. When I apply it to face , it have a cooling effect and a nice fragrance . This for all skin types anyone can use it . It doesn’t create any breakouts or irritation to my face . I am i love ❤ with this face gel . Go for it

  9. Rahul Sehgal

    Bella Vita Organic Fairness Face Scrub. This scrub help me very much I am very happy to use it. I recommend this product.

  10. Devesh Yadav

    Bought this fairness face scrub a few days ago and using this since then, and it is working well for my skin. It suits my skin. It removes the dead skin properly. Makes skin smooth and soft.

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