Organic Hair Oil for Hair Growth & Anti Dandruff

Bringing together the nourishment of Onion, Argan, Coffee, Hibiscus & Bhringraj, this is a one stop treatment for all hair problems. Helps repair, condition , prevent dryness and premature greying along with accelerating hair growth. The Miraculous hair oil is a formulation of Indian Ayurveda and has been launched after years of result oriented usage.


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Pollution, Dust, Hair products and constant exposure to Sun often cause massive Hair Damage, Breakages and other negative effects.
Bella Vita Organic’s Miracle Repair Bhringraj Hibiscus Hair Oil is the perfect Natural & Chemical Free solution for flawless Hair and Scalp.
Active ingredients such as Hibiscus and Bhringraj stimulate Hair growth and fight Dandruff. Presence of the herd Brahmi causes is an anti-inflammatory while Virgin Coconut Oil improves hair texture.
Other Organic Ingredients such as Yashtimadhu, Vetiver, Neem, Almond Oil, Tulsi, Rose Petals along with Henna and curry leaves fight pigmentation on scalp while making your strong, smooth and shiny.

✅ The unique formulation is excellent for complete hair repair and scalp well-being.

✅ Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Fungal and Anti-Dandruff.

✅ Its effective formulation gently protects the hair and adds glow, shine and strength.

✅ The power of Bhringraj and Hibiscus and other herbs add magic to your hair.

✅ It is highly recommended for regular use, especially if you are regularly exposed to the pollution, dust and smoke.

Step 1. Take desired quantity on the palm of your hands.

Step 2. Apply evenly on the scalp and hair.

Step 3. Gently massage your scalp and hair for 5 to 10 minutes.

Step 4. Repeat two to three time a week followed by shampoo.

Question: Is it sticky type?
Answer: Hi, This oil is very light textured and not sticky at all. It is highly suitable for sensitive scalps as well.

Question: Will it helps for hair growth and more hair volume?
Answer: Yes, the unique combination of various herbs present in the oil enhance hair growth and stop hair fall which automatically lead to an increase in hair volume.

Question: It suits for all types of hairs?
Answer: Yes, it suits all hair and scalp types.

Question: Will it helps for hair growth and more hair volume?
Answer: Hi Yes, active ingredients in this oil such as bhringraj and other herbs are hair growth drivers and are responsible for accelerated hair growth which leads to more volume. You should surely give this a try. It also has various other benefits.

Question: Will it helps to reduce hair fall?
Answer: Yes, the presence of Bhringraj along with other herbs in our miracle repair hair oil help in reduction of hair fall.

Question: Its works for age 50?
Answer: Yes, very well.

Question: Can i use this daily?
Answer: 2 to 3 times a week.